The California Independent System Operator says its ready to handle the August 21 solar eclipse, as it’s already practiced at juggling a fast-growing solar energy load. CAISO’s Eric Schmitt explains that the state may call on the “energy imbalance market” during the eclipse, meaning transferring small amounts of renewable power between California and Arizona, Nevada, or Oregon. According to the New York Times story, “as California plans to increase its share of renewable energy to address climate change, such interstate transfers may prove even more crucial. The idea is that a cloudy day or a thunderstorm (or an eclipse) may knock out solar panels in a few areas, but it is unlikely to knock out solar panels and wind turbines all across the West at once. Spreading out renewable energy across a larger geographical area could help mitigate interruptions.”

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UPDATE: The eclipse went off “without a hitch” for CAISO. Story here.

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