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“In the San Francisco Bay area, communities such as West Oakland suffer disproportionately high rates of air pollutants because of our over reliance on fossil fueled electricity generation, causing asthma and lung disease.”

Mark Jacobson, Stanford University, The Mercury News, 4/15/17

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Why unification of the Western electric grid is probably inevitable

Written by Allen West, Energy News Energy While the ongoing effort to expand the West’s power markets is now focused on California, experts say regionalization could follow multiple paths, not all of them through Sacramento. In most of the Eastern U.S., the electrical...

Expanding California’s electric grid benefits all

It is now clear that California is ready to generate at least 50 percent of its electricity by 2030 from renewable resources such as solar and wind. But increasing it beyond that point, a goal supported by many Californians, will require new and different approaches and a significant amount of flexibility to manage the rapidly growing levels of clean energy resources that are powering our homes and businesses.

The 2018 U.S. Energy and Employment Report

Electric Power Generation employs193,655 workers in California, 21.9 percent of the national total. Solar makes up the largest segment of employment related to ElectricPower Generation, with 138,319 jobs, followed by traditional fossil fuel generation at 22,050 jobs....

A Regional Grid Helps, Not Hurts Distributed Renewable Energy

NRDC, Vote Solar, a former Colorado Commissioner and others make the case for a regional transmission grid. We have been hearing concerns that moving to a regional transmission operator to connect the Western U.S. somehow harms the prospects for greater development of...

Fix the Grid: Letter to leadership on regionalization

The Fix the Grid Coalition and its undersigned members wrote a letter to leadership to express support for a bill that would allow the California Independent System Operator (CAISO) to evolve into a regional grid operator. Read the full letter,...

Labor and solar companies must compromise on clean energy

By Lauren Navarro, Senior Policy Manager at the Environmental Defense Fund, Originally published in The Sacramento Bee When I tell people I work as a clean energy advocate in California, folks assume it must be simple to pass ambitious climate policy here, given all...

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