“In the San Francisco Bay area, communities such as West Oakland suffer disproportionately high rates of air pollutants because of our over reliance on fossil fueled electricity generation, causing asthma and lung disease.”

Mark Jacobson, Stanford University, The Mercury News, 4/15/17

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The grid we need to build

By Don Furman, Fix the Grid Today, California policy-makers are learning about a key tool the state will need to reach its climate and clean energy goals: a modern electricity grid. Transforming the way our state accesses its energy, integrating a diverse range of...

Aggressive clean energy leadership

"California took a major step in ditching fossil fuels after the state Senate passed a bill Wednesday that aims for 100 percent renewable energy by 2045. The legislation, Senate Bill 100, was approved with a 25-13 vote," EcoWatch reports. "Today, we passed the most...

A record set, but much work ahead

"The fact that the grid can handle 67 percent renewable power from multiple sources — it’s a great moment, and it shows the potential we have," said Center for Sustainable Energy Director Sachu Constantine in a San Francisco Chronicle article on California setting a...

Yale releases study on western grid integration

A new study from Yale University Law School’s Environmental Protection Clinic assures that wider electricity grid integration in the west faces no new threat from the federal government. “We’re hoping this report can help reassure California legislators that, in...

Clean power for all

“I found it thrilling to see Senate President Pro Tem Kevin de León introduce legislation that would require 100 percent of California’s electricity to come from renewable sources by 2045. This goal would change the game for Californians. And it’s entirely feasible,...

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